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Sorry the blog has been a little silent lately - I was busy going to a wedding and setting up the new INTRAMURAL ZOMBIE HUNTING LEAGUE site!

I made these shirts for years until demand got too high and I began to get incredibly backlogged - between shipping out SEIBEI orders and making these, I fell crazy behind, let a lot of people down, and had to admit defeat. I shut it down and finished off the remaining orders (though I recently found two sitting in an old storage box and I KNOW THEY BELONG TO SOMEONE).

People kept bugging me about it, and I figured I'd never have the time again. Now that Fangamer is fulfilling SEIBEI orders and keeping the day-to-day running smoothly, and Kate and I are in a good rhythm with Telegraph, I've made the time to do it again (and have someone I can hire part-time if orders ramp up). 

Plus, I missed making them! I recently made a batch for a friend's wedding (the wedding party wore them during their big bachelor/bachelorette party) and it was fun as hell once I got back to it. It's surprisingly pleasant work.

Anyway, here's hoping people still like them!

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They are! They’re very low quantities, but they should still reflect actual inventory.

Posted by David on November 25, 2013

Are the kids collections still being fulfilled?

Am asking because they are no longer linked to from the main page, but they are still accessible by direct urls such as

Posted by Anonymous on November 21, 2013

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