Posted: Oct 19 2015

I feel like I haven't had my heart in t-shirts this year - not because I don't love t-shirts, because I think about t-shirts all the time and they're such an interesting medium to me - but because I've been spread so thin. 

Nearly three years ago, Kate and I moved back to Charlottesville, Virginia from our beloved second home of Oakland, California to be closer to our families and settle down, and also to open what is now Telegraph Art & Comics. We started off more comic art gallery than comic shop, but Charlottesville loved having a comic shop in the part of town we're in (five miles away from the next nearest comic shop), so now we stock every good comic we can get our hands on and are kept pretty busy. We both put in ~50-60 hour weeks there managing the place, and it's finally profitable and we finally have the hang of running a comic shop and art gallery…I used to stay up late at night wondering if we'd made the right choice in coming back and opening a comic shop/art gallery, but now I sleep reasonably easy.

I released a batch of tees earlier this year and wanted to take things in a new direction. I missed screen printing my own tees, so I built a rugged one color press and designed a number of one color tees, wanting to see how much I could accomplish with the most limited of palettes. I still like all of those designs to some degree or another (I think Going Places is one of my favorites ever, and an actual good one color design), but I think I went a little too far up my own ass, design-wise. Also, I don't do great with one color, not all the time, anyway. Some of my greatest hits have been one color (I'm Fat Let's Party, Katie Skelly's Bon-Bon, Sandwich Dinosaur), but this doesn't mean I should stick to it as a rule. 

SO! I made a bunch of new tees, and I'm going to print some of them myself, but most of them will be farmed out to Forward Printing, our homies out in Oakland. Also, some of them will be sent to Blue Ridge Graphics, the very first print shop I ever worked for, whose waterbased printing game has come a long way since they first had me running Dave Matthews Band jobs in the summer of 2005. Since it's been a while since I've had a proper release, these are all on a preorder basis. I'm saying "mid-November" even though most of it will ship well before then, just to be safe - I would rather under promise and over deliver than the opposite. 

More new stuff will be coming in December, and I'll be selling at a holiday show in Los Angeles where I'll be debuting all of that and putting it online, but I'll talk about that next time. It's our one day of the week off from Telegraph and Kate and I are trying to go run some errands before all of the new tees drop today at noon. Shit!!!