Preparing for the biggest BLACK FRIDAY event ever...

Posted: Nov 22 2015

So - a few years back I started outsourcing my fulfillment to Fangamer, and it was awesome. I was very poorly organized at the time and was about to move across the country from California to Virginia (so Kate and I could be closer to family and to open up Telegraph Art & Comics), so when they offered me a chance to work with them, I jumped at it. 

Now that things have settled down a bit and that I'm starting to work more shows again, and making a number of items in-house, when they asked if I wanted to take my fulfillment back over (which I'd been doing more and more of this year), I figured I'd give it a go. They told me they were going to send me back all of my old tees and stuff that they'd been storing. 

What I got back was eight boxes of forgotten treasure. 

Over the years, I had usually adjusted inventory counts to be slightly lower than they actually were, in order to provide a hidden buffer to prevent oversells. If a design wasn't moving so hot in the store, I just removed it from the online store and had them set it aside. Sometimes these got sent out as Mystery Tees, but sometimes they didn't. This happened a LOT over the years. 

Or, sometimes, like in the case of a lot of the infant stuff shown above, I would print stuff for a show, send it to them, and never end up putting it online. 

I did an inventory count of every single last thing they sent me, and it's over 800 garments that have been formerly marked out of stock. It's a lot of odd sizes - more Smalls and Ladies' Sizes than others, since those don't sell as much as other sizes - but there's a nice spread of every size from Ladies' Small all the way up to 5X-Large, and a good selection of baby onesies and rompers, toddler tees, and youth tees. Over 50 designs - more than 80 if you count alternate colorways. Some of them are down to their very last one. 

For Black Friday, I want to try something new, instead of just doing the regular markdowns and offering random mystery tees at a deal, and maybe disappointing some people while others get stuff they like. 

On Friday at NOON EST, I'm just going to put every single design online with their exact inventory. Since sizing will be all over the place, I'm adding a new feature to the site where you can click on your size from a dropdown menu and only show stuff in your size (since the ladies' sizes are very close in terms of sizing, I am making "Ladies' Sizes" one searchable group). First come, first served. Everything except for the new stuff will be marked down, too. 

Here is a brief list of some of the designs that will be back in very limited quantities: On Eating the 100% Perfect Sandwich One Beautiful April Morning, I'll Never Stop Pooping, Gaijin Davis, DIE, I Like To Say Things & Eat Stuff, The Essentials, Dumb Idiot, The Power of Love, I'm Tired, Bara Fantasy, Winona, The Internet (Cute), The Internet (Rude), Anime, Feelings, Cool Phone, Yeah Dude, Fucking Up Always, a few lost colorways of Sandwich Dinosaur, Taco Dinosaur, Ghost Bro, and I'm Fat Let's Party, and many, many more!

We're moving Telegraph to a better, higher-traffic location in January of next year, and that means SEIBEI stock will be moving to a storage unit near us, and I want to bring as little of this stuff as I will be doing my best to clean house and hook you up with the SEIBEI shirt of your dreams. 

Also, looking through all of these old designs makes me want to make more and more tees...maybe put a few of the greatest hits back in print on my own shop. This was kind of a weird year for me, and I treaded a bit of water...I'm excited to get back into it full force!