Hi! My name is David Murray, but most people know me as Seibei, or the other half of Telegraph Art & Comics. I'm designing a TCAF x SEIBEI shirt, and would love your help!

I love TCAF and what they do, and was stoked when they asked me to design a co-branded t-shirt with them. It will be the letters T C A F made up of dozens of little cartoon faces, drawn by TCAF exhibitors past and present who would like to contribute. Each face will be printed at about the size of a Canadian dollar. All artists who contribute a face (or faces) used in the final design will receive a free tee of the design as a small token of gratitude for their trouble, and a portion of proceeds from every shirt will go directly to TCAF ($6 USD from every shirt I sell, and some higher amount in Canadian dollars from every one sold at Page & Panel). I'll be printing these on ethically made, super soft tees by Canvas (colors TBD, but possibly something nice and simple like white on black, and maybe a second colorway). 

If you are interested in contributing a face, please send a face (can be human or animal or whatever, one color linework, no halftones or gradients as they won't work at a smaller size) in any format to, no later than May 1st (I extended the deadline a little bit since I'm still putting everything together). Sorry for the short notice! Feel free to send any questions here as well. 

Depending on the number of responses, not all faces may be used, though every effort will be made to get everyone who wants to be involved involved. Thanks!