Hi. My name is David Murray, but most people know me as Seibei, a pseudonym taken from the short story "Seibei and his gourds" by Shiga Naoya. I like t-shirts because they're accessible and interactive and fun. 

A portion of proceeds at SEIBEI go to benefit organizations that help protect others. On every applicable product page, I'll list the organization and the dollar amount they receive per shirt sold. I'd like to think that my work can make some small difference outside of just making people smile (which is also important but tough to quantify). 

In addition to t-shirts, I also co-own and run Telegraph Art & Comics with my wife, Kate, I've translated two books of manga (Mentaiko's Priapus and The Boy Who Cried Wolf), and we are parents to a gigantic and powerful toddler named Ben. 

For all inquiries you can email me at heyseibei@gmail.com.